Susie Purvis

Presenting Scottish illustrator and printmaker Susie Purvis who's love of drawing, use of playful colour palettes and fun compositions caught the eye of our store team. What we admire the most is Purvis' ability to showcase the real, and the natural. Body self-esteem has become a popular topic of discussion, as more and more artists, to our delight, create work that promote the idea that everyone comes in all shapes and sizes. And this is ok, and beautiful. 

"My main aim of my work is to make people smile, whether that's by making them feel included or producing pieces that conjure a memory or feeling. Through my illustrations I try to explore subjects that are important to me such as feminism and equality and I will never tire of drawing ladies of all shapes, sizes and colours". — Susie Purvis

As part of her wonderful collection on the store, you can find a stunning range of 
prints and cards, featuring playful illustrations that would certainly brighten up anyones day. 
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