As part of our new venture on Department Store, we've offered online store Skandivis a special spot in our featured collection panel located at the top of the Department Store homepage. Skandivis is an online concept store with predominantly Scandinavian handpicked design, the name loosely translating to the 'Scandinavian way'. 

We spoke to founder Toni Kay to find out a little more about Skandivis:
"I have always had and interest in and a keen eye for design. So when the opportunity came up I went for it and launched Skandivis. The shops purpose is sell beautiful Scandinavian homeware, whilst I myself strive to continue to bring fresh functional Scandinavian design to the marked place."

Coated in a clean, geometric aesthetic, Skandivis' product collection soon to be published on Department Store will surely brighten and sophisticate any space or wall. Keep an eye out on Department Store for the launch! 

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