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Check out some of the stunning risograph printed items that have recently been added to our curated marketplace. All are super affordable, and made with lots and lots of love and care. Enjoy! :) 

Risolve Studio – Risograph Print Guide 

Introducing our brand new risograph printing guide in a handy pocket-sized format. This guide will give you everything you need to know about riso printing with Risolve and their fabulous studio.

This guide includes:

  • 21 of our ink colors
  • File set up guide
  • Explanation of halftones and "faux" CMYK printing
  • A hand illustrated map of our studio

Cat Sims – Green 

Cat Sims is a UK-based artist, who's love for illustration and Risograph printing have come wonderfully together to produce stunning pieces of work. Pictured above is a most recent piece printed with green and black at Holodeck

Marc David Spengler – Staying in Great Shape zine 

Marc is known for this obsession with shape and geometry fused with his expressive illustrative aesthetic. From this beautiful prints to zines playing with negative space and form his work is wonderfully unique in style. His Staying in Great Shape zine is printed in three colours, limited edition and all signed and numbered. 

 Risotto Studio – Apple A3 2018 Calendar 

Based in UK Scotaland, these guys are known for their wonderful pieces of Riso, offering a full print service too! This limited edition risograph calendar has lots of space to scribble those all important dates, pimped it out with additions of the lunar phases and a zodiac key, multi-coloured pages with a white and green wire bind this time round. 

Animal Press – Serpent 

Check out this stunning new riso printed posters of Baptiste VIROT, who operates under the name Animal Press. If you love the weird and wonderful then this is your guy!

Egle Zvirblyte – Sukeban A3 Risograph 

Egle Zvirblyte is a Lithuanian illustrator and artist currently based in Barcelona. 'Sukeban' means 'delinquent girl' or 'boss girl' in Japanese. Are you one of those? Check out this three colour risograpgh print on 250gsm paper, 29.7 x 42cm. 

b r u ï – Thomas A3 Risograph 

This gorgeous gem is part of a new series released for Nick Booton's (the guy behind 

b r u ï)  solo show 'resurfacing the m62'.  

The Cledford – Number 4

The Cledford is an experimental project undertaken by Graphic Artist Vincent Patterson. This particular project involved the process of collaging a variety of found imagery, geometric and organic shapes through a Riso copier/printer. Check out the full collection here.. 

Emma Farrant – Daisy 

Illustrator Emma Farrant caught our eye with her narrative pieces, each print has a story behind it, and can be interpreted in which ever way you want. A beautiful quality that can be hard to find these days. A4 3 colour Riso print on 170gsm Munken Lynx paper.

Neighbourhood Press – Magic Coffee 

Neighbourhood Press is based in Western Australia, and is perhaps one our furthest vendors in our store! Their collection of riso prints are adordable and are all illustrated and printed with love by themselves on a Risograph printer (Ziggy), using 100% recycled paper and soy based inks. 


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