Print Design & Illustrator | Danii Pollehn

We're delighted to introduce our newest Hamburg-based seller Danii Pollehn, founder of Dancel Studio. After graduating with first-class honours in Fashion Design from the Academy of Fashion & Design in Berlin and Hamburg, Danii has worked as a freelance Stylist for Magazines and Print-Commercials for several years, building up an impressive list of clients too.

With a strong background in applied and fine arts, painting and creating had always been deeply embedded in all of Danii's works. With a special interest in nature, travelling to foreign countries and paying attention to the details in her everyday surroundings she finds an endless source of inspiration to create unique and innovative artwork and designs. 

Now functioning as a print designer and Illustrator, Danii also produces beautiful prints inspired by her love of nature, the tropics and painting. Shop her latest collection that we've added on the store HERE!

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