Pressing Matters Magazine

We're excited to announce the release of Pressing Matters magazine issue 3! For those of you who don't know, Pressing Matters magazine is an independently-run publication, honing in on the people, passion and processes behind the artform of printmaking.  

Included in this glorious issue are some of the industries greatest heroes fused with some amazing contributions from around the world of printmaking. If there’s some common ground to be found here, it’s in making art from the everyday, taking something and elevating it through the medium of print.

From the traditional to the experimental, the work is certainly top notch as is the printed publication that encompasses these inspiring stories. Formatted in 100 pages, perfect bound, this issue features: 

Anthony Burrill, Lucienne Day, Angie Lewin, David Shrigley, Bordeaux Montaigne, University Bristol Print Collective, Bussoga, Christopher Coltzau, Hannah Forward, Chris Gilbert, Lois O’Hara Studio and more. 

You can purchase this wonderful magazine here! 

You can purchase this wonderful magazine here! 

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