Pressing Matters — Issue 05

Storming through another fabulous issue is printmaker-based magazine  Pressing Matters. A fantastic 5th edition features another amazing batch of talented artists, designers and studios wrapped up in a 100 page publication printed by Park Communications on Edixion Offset paper. 

Found within it’s pages you can discover wonderful snap shots of DIY studios, work in progress, and final presentations of some top quality work in the mediums of illustration, graphic design and typography. All created through an equally larger variety of print processes from letterpress, etching, lino cutting and more.

Their passion for printmaking and showcasing unsung heroes of this wonderful medium is inspiring. We heard from Pressing Matters Director John Coe:

“Seeing how an artist makes their marks, chooses colours, looks for balance (and sometimes discord) to create a print never fails to interest me. In some cases, working together on a shared creative idea, other times head down (locked in their shed with the radio on), making time to make their work and see it come to life”.



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