Posterzine™ | Karl Grandin

Do you love beer? Probably not as much as Karl Grandin! Using a beer bottle or a can as his canvas, you can find his custom graphics on Sweden's Omnipollo brewery beers who Karl is co-founder and resident artist of. We featured his work in the 44th issue of Posterzine™ printed in shades of green and purple showcasing Karl's psychedelic imagery exploring dreams, the unconscious, and visions. "Instead of trying to make artwork that would somehow describe or portray the style or taste of a beer, I look for what is going on around Omnipollo and try to capture something less obvious". 

Read the exclusive interview with Karl on the inside pages as well as MOO's interesting contribution sharing their knowledge of the industry on the back cover. Printed by Pressision Ltd onto high-quality G.F Smith Papers. Shop the issue HERE.  


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