People Of Print Book – Back In Stock

Due to its high demand we've re-stocked our iconic People Of Print softback book! For those of you who don't know about this, scroll down to find out some of the amazing things and people included within this juicy publication. 

Marcroy Smith, founder & director of People Of Print, and designer Andy Cooke, have brought together the work of more than fifty of the hottest designers, illustrators, and collectives currently committed to the tactility, materiality, and visible craft of print, alongside the gallerists and promoters who are key figures in this creative scene.

Embedded with its 336 pages lie a dazzling array of work, made to adorn paper, posters, flyers, packaging, fanzines, self-published books, textiles and fashion, and exhibition design, accompanied by profiles of each printer, articulate interviews, information on innovative design techniques and finally, an in-depth, comprehensive reference section. 

Highlights include works by Anthony BurrillMojokoKiller Acid, aka Robert Corradetti CarnovskyFrenchFourchAge of ReasonAnd AtelierHereticPrensa La LibertadBen RiderBroken FingazFatherless and many more! Grab while stocks last!

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