Mara Vera Textiles

We're excited to introduce Mara Vera Textiles bringing a new selection of beautifully made homewares and accessory items to Department Store. Mara Vera was founded with Drashta's desire to bring modern design with sustainability into peoples daily lives. MVT collaborates with master artisans in Gujarat and Rajasthan and work with locally sourced materials to deliver high quality, hand made textile products. 

To add to its brilliance, MVT also invests 5% of its proceeds from every sale in the development of the local artisan communities. 

All of Mara Vera textiles items are hand woven on pit-looms and hand block printed with natural and azo free dyes. It's clear that a lot of passion and heart has gone into making these lovely items, shop the wonderful new collection now available on the store HERE. 

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