Malika Favre

Known for her punchy colourful aesthetic and bold line work is the work of French artist Malika Favre. Having had work featured in The New Yorker, The Financial Times, worked with clients such as WeTransfer and Budweiser, this talented designer is coming in leaps and bounds and is one of the most sought after graphic designer in the current design industry. Taking influences from influential design such as Pop Art, and playful experimenting with bold colours and negative space, the result is a series of striking images that leap out from the page. 

Having followed her work for a long time and recognising the beautiful stuff she was producing we couldn't resist but feature her in one of our monthly Posterzine publications. Currently our latest issue, this gorgeous blue and yellow issue features some of her stunning project work as well as a new piece of artwork featured on the cover and as the A1 poster too! 

Grab your own copy here.. or even better, grab 5 copies for just £30 here! 

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