Loïc Schwaller is a recent addition to our store operating under the brand name Loackme. Founder and Creative Director, Loïc is a French designer living in Amsterdam. His formation is in mathematics but has always been interested in graphic design and the arts. 

For about a year or so, Loïc has been teaching himself how to screen print, a process that he has enjoyed from start to finish specialising in printing t-shirts and other items of clothing. These items of clothing form the basis of Lockame. 

Printed on these tees are geometric shapes and patterns, two elements that are of strong interest to Loïc fused with limited colour palettes. From monochromatic designs to slightly more colourful pieces, everything is printed by the man himself whether it be on paper, paper, t-shirts, sweatshirts or tote bags, in the small workshop that he set up in the spare bedroom of his apartment.

Screenprinting is about as DIY as it gets when it comes to printing, but Loïc and his partner take it one step further by building most of the equipment themselves! Including the printing press and the exposure unit. 

All garments used in his collection are ethically made from environment-friendly materials. The t-shirts are entirely made of organic cotton and printed with water-based ink. 

Shop his fabulous collection here! 

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