Kind of Cyan | Cyanotypes

We'd like to introduce this very exciting vendor who's print process is one of kind and unique to Department Store. Kind of Cyan is a design team of two people, currently based in Barcelona, Spain. They specialise in cyanotypes, also known as sun-prints, a 19th-century photographic process that uses sunlight to create a Prussian Blue, unique, handmade print.
Their gorgeous collection takes inspiration from nature, astronomy, art history, and the combination of 3d digital imagery with a craft that is artisanal and handmade. The aspect that we love the most about these prints is since each print is made in direct sunlight, tones will give amazing, subtle variations - the beauty of cyanotypes is that each print is absolutely unique!
It's no wonder that these guys were awarded first prize for the best design product in the 2018 ArtsFAD awards. Want to purchase one of these beauties? 
Shop their collection HERE. 
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