Izzy Smithson

Characterised by interesting textures, dynamic lines and contrasting colours is the work of Izzy Smithson. New to Department Store, Smithson is an artist and printmaker based just outside of London and is a recent graduate from London College of Communication where she studied Illustration and Visual Media. Smithson creates a variety of work based on experiencing environments and documenting relationships between the mundane and the dynamic and suburban monotone with metropolitan technicolour.

This makes up the foundation of the forms and colours that she employs throughout her work whilst using various print processes to realise her pieces. Izzy tells us how she doesn't like concept to take complete control of her work and really enjoys the spontaneity that print allows and the ability that it has to allow conversation.

When creating work, the results are often an amalgamation of contrasting colour and narratives, combining these to create textural, layered pieces. These dynamics also convey the ideas of mapping, free movement and fluid thinking. Print allows her to explore layering, opacities, translucencies and composition, relying on risk, failure and the accidental.  

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