Interview With Nadine Kolodziey

Up next in these series of interviews we've been conducting is Nadine Kolodziey, although not a recent addition, we adore Nadine's work for its unique aesthetic, playful vibe and boldness. From her independent publication filled with her renowned punchy illustrations to her print work, Nadine is a very well respected vendor on Department Store. Below we had a brief chat with this talented designer, scroll down to find out more!

P: So Nadine, we'll keep this short and sweet, who are you, where do you come from, what is your background? 

N: I am a half greek half German artist and Illustrator, graduated at HfG Offenbach last year and now I live in Frankfurt and Berlin where I work freelance in Eike Königs Studio Hort.

P: How would you describe your work? 

N: My Style is very intuitive and honest, and most of all I’d say it s loud, rude or rough. I am not a timid person so my work is outgoing too.

P: Yes we most certainly agree! What would you say drives your work? 

 N: Living in Berlin and Frankfurt ( its 600 km distance) I am always on the run- I like everything dynamic and interesting, it is important for me to collect impressions of daily life to include it in my drawings.

P: Nice, and what does your work represent? 

 N: My blood pressure maybe? No I think this question is hard to answer. I don’t want it to represent something in particular. It is more likely my impression or perspective of daily life.

P: What do you think of the current design industry today? 

 Curse and blessing of the design industry today is the internet. On one hand in democracies, everyone can create a platform for their work and they can be recognised by a large amount of people. On the other side it is hard not to get influenced by all the images, positions and comments we read everyday.

Todays design Is (anti) social.

P: What are you currently working on at the moment? 

N: Currently I am working on the new Salto Magazine #3, It will contain a lot of impressions I collected during my travel to Osaka and Fukuoka at the beginning of the year. Also I will show my graduation work, an actual park of illustrative plants where you can stroll and take selfies ( the selfie park). For a while now I am planning a collection of patches but they’re not ready yet.

 P: What are you plans for the future?

 N: To be challenged to find new ways and solutions.

 You can purchase the work you see in this post here..  

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