Egle Zvirblyte

Lithuanian illustrator and artist Egle Zvirblyte, presents her stunning collection of prints as part of her Department Store collection. Shop the collection here.. 

After studying a degree in film studies, she then completed another BA in Interior and Spatial Design in University of The Arts London, going on to work in set design. In 2015 Egle relocated to Melbourne to focus on her own artist practice and since then has been living and working on projects in Australia, Japan, Bali and Europe.

Step into Egle's wacky parallel universe, where huge babes lounge on beaches and tall females warriors make up a perilous girl gang. Her illustrations, punchy as hell, are inspired by street culture, girl power and 80s fashion ads; exploring themes of absurdity, sexuality and identity. Egle transforms elements of ordinary life into a world that is eccentric, irreverent and very much enjoyable.

We loved the work of this talented Illustrator so much, we couldn't resist getting up her wonderful print collection up on Department Store. Shop the collection here.. 

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