Illustrated Kat

Illustrated Kat, also known as Kat Hopkins, creates botanical inspired products which also stem from 19th Century architecture and glasshouses. Her interests grow from large scale exotic plants confined within strong, iron structures. From this, she developed her first product range ‘Bold Botanical’ featuring three hand designed fabrics, ‘Perfect Hawaiian’, ‘Forest Floor’ and ‘Herbs and Spices’. These limited edition fabrics are carefully hand made into cushions and lampshades to bring nature and beautiful patterns into homes and interior spaces. 

Kat’s illustration background makes for a much more hand rendered approach to designing, this results in fine beautiful detailing within each pattern Hopkin creates. Each design reflects a different environment and place which glasshouses commonly try to recreate: rainforests, subtropical and Mediterranean. Once the designs are printed onto irresistibly soft velvet, the cushions are finished with tassels or pompoms, making a unique and statement piece for customers homes. 

Shop Kat's collection here. 

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