FEMME TYPE — A Book Celebrating Women in the Type Industry

After a successful 30-day Kickstarter (which reached its goal in just three days!) we're excited to present the new FEMME TYPE book which can now be preordered from our store! FEMME TYPE (@femmetype) is an all-female publication conceptualised by ex-University of Arts London Chelsea attendant Amber Weaver aiming to celebrate over 40 skilled, international women in the type industry. 

Featuring an array of fantastic type projects including Latin and Roman type designs, branding identities, bilingual lettering, Arabic type systems, experimental Chinese typography, poster designs, flyers and custom lettering, it's content showcases the astounding works of the women involved. Some of the features include an interview with Slanted Publisher's co-founder Julia Kahl, an interview with Floriane Rousselot the woman behind online type platform Typelab.fr, a short essay contribution from Alphabettes.org co-founder Amy Papaelias, interview with Barcelona-based Hey studio founder Veronica Fuerte and finally the is Foreword written by Brooke Robinson, the founder of the established type platform GoodType. 

And to top it all off, the 272-page book will be lithographically printed in a special Pantone spot colour which can be seen throughout the entire publication onto high-quality Fedrigoni Arcoprint paper. 



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