Emily Chappell

Newest to our band of vendors is Glasgow School of Art graduate Emily Chappell. Emily has been practising as a freelance illustrator for over 8 years and her works are usually hand drawn or screen printed, valuing humour and warmth over design formalities. 

Whilst bartering on her journey as a freelance designer Emily as began growing food on an urban allotment in the East End of Glasgow. A fun fact, however also very relevant to her work, as most of her personal projects (as well as commissioned works) centre around the theme of food. Everything from the growing of it, to the cooking and eating side of things.

The cultural significance of food is what Emily finds most interesting, it's class, identity, amongst other things, and its timeless ability to bring people together, as well as divide. Most recently she has been working on a series of trippy screenprints that blend humour and voodoo, along with a dash of insanity, to represent demonised foodstuffs - sugar, caffeine, gluten, etc.

Last year saw the launch of her first book, ‘ A Hut of One’s Own - How to Make the Most of Your Allotment Shed’. It’s a hand drawn collection of the weird and wonderful handmade structures you find on allotment sites. Everything from mock-tudor huts to greenhouses made out of plastic bottles. It celebrates the DIY approach and the low-tech aesthetic present in these special, non-gentrified spaces.

Featured as her fabulous collection on Department Store is a series of t-shirts and other printed material. Check out her collection here! 


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