Dicks Don't Lie

Meet Roger Huskens, a Dutch graphic designer who studied in Belgium who also goes by the name Dicks Don't Lie. After working for a few well-known design agencies in the Netherlands since 2011, and 4 years of working for clients and brands, Roger wanted to start his own design studio - so that's exactly what he did.

ROGER+ was born, a brand that specialised in Branding ranging from concepts, identities, products, packaging, illustrations, books, campaigns, the lot. Although this was fulfilling for him, there was always something calling to Roger about creating his own products, turning the tables, and becoming his own client, which then spurred on Dicks Don't Lie. DDI is a product collection of, prints clothing pieces, enamel pins, ceramics, underwear, socks, art, stationery, books and more! Adding another fantastic item on from the next. "I want to break taboos and make the world a more cheeky and fun place," says Roger. 

"I had this dream even before I started designing. When I was a little kid I wanted to make products that make people happy and get them sucked into my view of the world. The name Dicks Don't Lie cam from when I started a pottery class. I had to sign my pots at the bottom, so people would know they were my pots that came out of the oven. It seemed like it came from nowhere, but the name Dicks Don’t Lie rolled out of my hands. I’m also working on a secret art project at the moment and the name fits perfectly (this will be added to my collection in the future). The name gave me an energy boost from excitement. So when I came home from the pottery class, the first thing I did was claiming the domain www.dicksdontlie.com … this is the time to start my own brand. I even got a tattoo of the underwear brief on my arm, to remember that I can’t ignore it anymore. This tattoo became one of the first pins in my collection."


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