Dessy Baeva

New to our store is Bulgarian illustrator and visual artist Dessy Baeva who is currently based in London. After moving there when she was 19, and continuously moved up and down the country over a period of 8 years, each move symbolised a different direction that Dessy's work took. Her work, taking the form of a fabulous fine art print collection, is inspired by the female body, music, spirituality, nature, feminism, youth and fashion. There are a few topics that always stay present such as the female body and female psyche, nature and more so the mountains ("I grew up in the mountains"), the human soul and music.

Her work is completed on an Ipad Pro from her tiny toom in Dalston where she currently creates all her pieces. "I watch all the people passing by on the street and feel like the voyeur character from Hitchcock’s movie Rare Window," says Dessy.

Dessy gives us an insight into her store collection: "The collection represents the boldness that lies within the female soul, the boldness that sometimes is just a whisper and other times a warrior scream. It’s part of my own journey of feeling comfortable with the woman I am and accepting that my power often comes from a place of vulnerability. The colours used are definitely a celebration of that!"

Each print is printed on heavy art paper, Callisto Pearl 300 gsm and are all A3 in size. SHOP HER COLLECTION HERE.


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