French Artist and Illustrator | David Vanadia

An exciting new addition to our store is French artist and illustrator, David Vanadia. Based in Marseille, France, David is an independent creative who constructs his work using a minimalist style with the use of linocut as his primal printing technique. He also creates surrealist representations with a strong graphic identity and illustrations. 

The artisanal aspect of the linocut immediately seduced David, carving his drawings in the material evokes a particularly therapeutic emotion and the moment when the print is revealed, like many, causes a rush of excitement seeing the final piece for the first time. Anticipation is certainly permanent in his work and David tells us "at first, I build my ideas in my head and when I have clearly defined the concept, take to my sketchbook to sketch out the design so I always know exactly what it should be like when I start to carve."

Through his creations, David tackles themes of the human and the mind. He tries to represent the mind through the body and the body through the mind, for him both are indissociable and he likes to bring a spiritual and poetic dimension to his works. Using graphics plays and visual metaphors, David's work invites thinking and calls on our deepest feelings using his simple graphic aesthetic. 


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