Daisy Nicholls

A new exciting addition to our curated marketplace is Daisy Nicholls, a recent London-based graduate of Chelsea School of Art. Daisy is a print designer who has a passion for colour and shape and has always worked in a way of exploring her printmaking practice with a visual communication design aspect. Through this process, she often communicates a story in her prints through playful relationships between words, pictures, shape and colour. Turning representational objects into graphic compositions and printed pieces.

Her situated practice is primarily printmaking but also enjoys to focus on narrative and context - communicating a message or a meaning through a more graphic response, combined with printed textiles. Not only does this talented designer explore the boundaries of textile and print, but challenges herself when it comes to communicating her ideas through a concept or a topical subject focus or story, whilst always maintaining a graphic sequence with image sequencing and pictorial representation.

Some of Daisy's inspirations come from everyday life, geometric forms, abstraction, asymmetric composition, architecture, photography and many other things. Her continuous use of playful image making fused with her colourful prints result in a wonderful collection of items. 

Daisy is seeking freelance/design work, so if you love her style, don't hesitate to get in contact with her! daisynicholls@hotmail.co.uk. 

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