Clifford Jago

Just when you think memes and starter pack are the most bizarre things you’ve seen, wait until you see what Clifford Jago has to offer. Jago is a London based stylist that uses DIY and found materials, presenting them in a sculptural approach. Jago came into existence through the zeitgeist of video game culture, the passion of Francesco Zola and a first-week dismissal from Saville Row.

His journey began by releasing a book titled Clifford & The Tulip Chewers last year. The book was set in Holland and received wide critical acclaim. It was sold in Office Newsstand, Libreria and featured on Crack, PYLOT and It’sNiceThat.

This time, Clifford returns with his funky collage characters and quirky fashion photography editorials, debuting Clifford Jago & The Ice Queens. Jago’s journey sees him travel to Iceland to meet the ‘The Ice Queens’ during country’s peak winter season.

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