Tips On How To Boost Your Product Sales

Are your products beginning to collect dust in storage due to a lack of sales? Below we’ve picked up on some very important factors that contribute to a products ability to sell itself.

To start off with, perhaps the largest and most significant factor is the quality of presentation. The better the image quality, how well it’s shot, and how easily it can be seen are all things to consider when advertising your product online.  For example, our talented vendor Jacqueline Colley’s prints are elegantly arranged with elements such as coloured card backgrounds and props that compliment the product to create a much more engaging photograph and therefore product. Customers also get a feel of how the product would work in a real life setting, as digital mock ups and renders although are useful, cannot be as effective. Check out her amazing Department Store products here..

Secondly price is always a key element that will affect whether an item sells well. Putting on limited time only sales can be a good way of generating some quick cash. Currently on sale on Department Store is Longstory Prints’ print collection. By showing its original price it gives customers the incentive to purchase the items as they want to make some savings on their purchase. Check out their sale here.. 


Our People Of Print products are shared constantly on all our social media channels all day every day. Is your online presence as good as it could me? Really evaluate this. If your product collection is never seen, how do you expect to generate any sales? Consider promoting on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social channels. It’s all about finding which one works best for you, and then owning it! Post religiously about your work, promote others who in return promote you, these are just some ways to help boost sales.


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