Alison Willoughby

New to our store and located all the way across the world in Melbourne, Australia is the talented designer/artist Alison Willoughby. Her gorgeous products are characterised by colourful collages which experiment with abstract shapes produced in lovely colour combos including calming pastels with the off burst of bright pinks and oranges. 

Not only can you find her lovely work plastered on printed matter, but also clothing and digital platforms. Alison is one of the many Graphic Designers who use their talents in the e-commerce sector, adding her designs that may have created for something else for prints and other material. 

Her product range consists of a range of prints and stationery from unique greetings cards perfect for any family or loved one to A3 giclee prints, perfect for displaying on the wall. 

Shop her lovely collection that is now available on Department Store here! 

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