A Spoon Full of Sugar Co.

Here at Department Store, we're all about good vibes. And a person who we've stumbled on, embodies the very idea of a good vibe. Also known as Judy Andrews. We caught up with her and found out a little more about her work ethic and what motivates her fantastic energy. 

Hi Judy, so let's start with the basics. Who are you and what is your background?

So, I'm Judy, I live in south London with my husband and little two year old boy.  I'm a graphic designer and I've been working in the commercial industry for just over 16 years mainly in the retail sector. And the last 7 years as a creative director for an international design agency, but went freelance in May 2017. I now balance my commercial graphic design business and my online shop. 

So tell us, what is A Spoonful of Sugar and Co?

Positive vibes only! I set up A Spoonful of Sugar and Co after a trip to Australia when I discovered a very cool independent pop-up shop in Melbourne that sold things from handmade jewellery to prints. It inspired me to want to have my own shop selling my own designs but also other people's designs, hence the 'and co' part. So I set up my company and online shop, then started designing and making. But it wasn't until I had my maternity leave in 2015 that I discovered my love of hand drawn typography. My aim in life to motivate and inspire others through typography and colour. 

You seem to have a very happy community around you, is that something that’s embedded in your self as a person? 

Ah thank you, I see myself as a purveyor of joy, I'm a very optimistic, tenacious person and really believe that if you think positively you can achieve anything. So I try to radiate positivity and happiness in everything that I do. I'm really lucky that I have such an amazing community that support me and encourage me to do more of what I do.

How would you describe your work? 

My work is bold, graphic and always with bright colours, hello neon! I love colour and am always experimenting with colour combinations. Typography features heavily, especially bold geometric typography, and have created my own typeface which is now a recurring theme in my work. I also love the free fluid nature of hand drawn typography and more rencently have started to combine the two. My designs then evolve into prints and jewellery and I'm just about to launch my first collection of pins. 

What or who are you most influenced by? 

I see inspiration everywhere and very rarely switch off, this could be from a pattern on my little boys t-shirt to a scene from a movie. I grew up the 90s so love all the bright colours from this time, especially the colour combinations from the jackets Will Smith used to wear in The Fresh Prince of Belair. I also love the graphics from the 1960s and 70s and was blown away by the Revolutions exhibition at the V&A. My design heroes are mostly other graphic designers, I really admire designers like Milton Glaser and typographer Alan Kitching. Print processes inspire me and the results they achieve, my favourite is Risograph, but I will be doing some letterpress prints soon on my vintage Adana. 

Is social media your friend or foe? 

Social media has given me access to the most amazing communities and helped me meet like minded people and I'm so grateful for that. So I'd say it's my friend, although I can understand how social media can a paint perfect picture of people's lives which aren't reality, and that can be hard to live up to. But I think if you understand it and use it in a way that makes you happy it can be a wonderful thing! 

What does the future look like for you? 

This is a good question, I feel like my creative journey is in its next phase and am excited by what the future will bring! I've had exciting, successful collaborations in 2017 and am already working with some amazing creatives on projects for 2018. I'm working on some new designs and will launch my new collections in the near future, watch this space.

We'd like to thank Judy for her words. 

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