3rd Rail’s New Open Access Print Space

3rd Rail has over 10 years experience as a print studio offering services like garment printing and customisation, fine art editioning, live print and an online garment pre-sale platform. 3rd Rail are ambitiously looking to create London’s largest screen printing facility in a 4000sqft unit within Peckham Levels, which will provide a print hub and learning environment for print novices through to professionals. They have invested heavily in some fantastic new equipment which include a commercial quality 6 colour carousel with a 3 metre tunnel dryer, two 6 metre fabric benches, four brand new paper benches and a huge heat press. You will also be able to rent a desk or a private studio space within the area, which comes with free open access printing membership.

We found out a little more about their journey, and the struggles along the way. “As a small business” says co-director Ian, “trying to fund this project has been really challenging.” After raising enough for rent and bills 3rd Rail experienced a shortfall in trying to cover refurbishment costs. With the launch fast approaching they decided run a Kickstarter to raise the additional £10,000 needed to make this print dream a reality.

The 3rd Rail team are looking to raise £10,000 to help them with the move into this incredible new space, so please get behind their Kickstarter campaign if you’d like to support print. There are many great rewards for those who do not live in London, such as t-shirts by fabulous artists or for just £35 you can have your name immortalised on the studio wall as a supporter.

To get behind this project please follow this link to their Kickstarter campaign and choose one of their fantastic rewards in return for your pledge: http://kck.st/2iGPtd8

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