2017 Brings A New Wave of Independent Designers

Independent artists and designers have been around for a while now, however the craze is becoming more popular as designers begin to take matters into their own hands. Unhappy with the current market or perhaps needing a platform to express their creativity, designers have began to create bespoke and custom made products offering consumers more unique, handmade commodities. 

This frenzy of designers customising the product design industry, opens up another channel of choice for consumers. This can be argued to be a negative issue, as Barry Schwartz expresses in this 'Paradox of Choice' publication "More is less" arguing that increasing consumer choices can in turn increase anxiety for shoppers.

However the contributions these designers are making to the industry should not go upraised. Below we've selected some of our Department Store vendors who are in full swing of the Independent Designer Movement.

Katherine Plumb 

Recent graduate and new addition to Department Store Katherine Plumb is a textile surface and interiors designer experimenting with exciting colours, shapes and graphic patterns. Her homeware collection consist of hand printed cushions that'll certainly brighten up any room. 

River Jade 

Brighten based print designer River Jade has an array of works ranging from fine art pieces to customised homewares. Her featured collection of Department Store is derived from the artists ever growing series that started in 2012 entitled “The Momentary and the Permanent.” The images came from being a people watcher, a 21st century Voyeur. Heavily inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's “Rear Window” River has transformed these figures into repeat patterns, almost camouflaging the subject matter.


Bloiing aka Elly Maddock offers a interestingly unique items – hair scrunchies. Hand made and designed, Maddock certainly takes the meaning of individuality to new heights. Along with a hand printed cushion collection, this talented print and surface designer is one to check out. 


Ampersanddesign studio is a full service consultancy based in Oxford, specialising in brand communication, advertising and graphic design. As a side project they also create homeware products branded with their iconic ampersand symbol. Check out their collection on Department Store here.. 




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