Inspiring Design Books You Should Read

If you are looking for inspiring design and creative books, here’s an updated list of our favourite ones. In this article, you’ll be able to find a range of exciting publications with techniques ranging from paper folding to embossing or just motivational books for when you fail in different situations. We hope you’ll them enjoy as much as we do

An essay on Typography
Author: Eric Gill

Interested in typography? Eric Gill’s argues that ‘a good piece of lettering is as beautiful a thing to see as any sculpture or painted picture’. This book explores the place of typography in culture and is also a moral treatise celebrating the role of craftsmanship in an industrial age. It is indispensable to anyone interested in the art of letter forms and the presentation of graphic information.

Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art and Made History (in That Order)
Author: Bridget Quinn

Broad Strokes brings to light the astonishing work, fascinating lives and important legacy of 15 seminal women artists from the Renaissance to the present day. Unfortunately, these women have not received the same attention from the art world establishment as their male counterparts have. Broad Strokes offers an entertaining corrective to that omission for the modern art lover, reader, and feminist.

Creating a Brand Identity
Author: Catherine Slade

Creating a brand identity requires practical design skills and creative ambition as well as an understanding of marketing and consumer behaviour. Case studies throughout the book illustrate brand identities from all over the world, including a varied range of industries: digital media, fashion, advertising, product design, packaging, retail and more. This book is filled with tips from researching to testing. This is essential reading for students, graduates and professional designers exploring this area for the first time.

Cut and Fold Paper Textures: Techniques for Surface Design
Author: Paul Jackson

This book will show you inspirational ways in which paper can be used to create textured and relief surfaces. These techniques are generally intuitive and easy to make, requiring no origami or paper engineering knowledge. These are methods that can be used by professional designers, design students in disciplines from textiles to interior design and anyone with an interest in paper craft.

Design as Art
Author: Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari is widely considered one of the most inspirational designers of all time, described by Picasso as ‘the new Leonardo’. Munari insisted that design was beautiful, functional and accessible, and this enlightening and highly entertaining book sets out his ideas about visual, graphic and industrial design and the role it plays in the objects we use every day.

Failed it!
Author: Erik Kessels

A fun and fabulous take on the art of making mistakes. Erik Kessels celebrates imperfection and failure and shows why they are an essential part of the creative process. It includes the best and most hilarious examples of imperfection and failure across a broad range of creative forms, including art, design, photography, architecture and product design, to inspire and encourage creatives to embrace and celebrate their mistakes.

Risomania, the New Spirit of Printing
Author: John Z. Komurki

Risography is the most prominent technique in the new wave of cutting-edge contemporary design, one that is also recovering forgotten technologies such as the Gestetner and the mimeograph. Risomania is the first book to document and discuss this groundbreaking global scene, looking at the history, present and future of Riso, as well as featuring a range of artists, design studios and print shops who use it.


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